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Fields and Field Use Rules

East Valley Futbol Club is proud to offer three of the best Soccer Sports Complex's in the Central Valley. Below you will find more information on our practice and game facilities.

Riverbank Sports Complex: 2119 Morrill Rd, Riverbank CA 95367

Riverbank Sports Complex
Rules and Expectations

Google Map: Click Here

Following are the Rules and Expectations that apply for the entire facility of Riverbank Sports Complex.

  • The MAX speed limit is 10 mph, or slower depending on the situation.
  • No animals are allowed anywhere on the premises…including cars, purses, etc.
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises.
  • Parking is only allowed in designated parking lots.
  • As a parent or bystander, you will not communicate to opposing players or referees at any time.
  • No fighting.
  • No use of threatening, abusive or insulting language.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No bike riding, skating, or skate boarding.
  • No noise makers.
  • No littering…everyone is expected to clean up the fields after games and training sessions.