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College Recruiting

College Recruiting

East Valley Futbol Club will hold a College Recruitment Evening once per year this will give them players who wish to go on and play at that level insights into the collegiate system.

We will have information on:

  • Life as a collegiate athlete
  • Playing at the higher level
  • Being recruited
  • NCAA system
  • SAT scores and GPA's

Additional information will be posted and sent out at a later date.

This is open to any players (both male and female) and not specifically limited to EVFC players.

1.  Before and especially during your Sophomore and  Junior years in high school you need to gather information. There are various sources of information about the many great schools to choose from. There are books and magazines that list the different colleges with soccer programs, many give academic rankings, as well as descriptions of the soccer program including contact information for the coach’s. The two listings that first come to mind are The Sport Source and Soccer America College Choice.


2. Once you get one of the directories for the college programs go through the listings and put together a decent wish list of options which seem to be a good fit and meet your needs. Our club officials are always available to provide you with further insight about these options if you request it and may in fact want to meet with you one on one to discuss these options.


3.  After putting together your list of schools, gather the relevant information from the universities you are interested in either by phone, email, or by direct mail concerning their academic programs and entrance requirements. If you know what your future course of study will be then you may want to find out if they offer a program in that area and if it is a strong one. While academic standards should be your primary consideration in choosing a college, you will also need information about financial obligations, housing arrangements, the social environment, and the general atmosphere of the university. Ask yourself if you will be happy at the university if you never get to play soccer there? A lot of this information can be found on the university’s web site.


4. Next you will want information about the athletic and in particular, the soccer program. Evaluate your ability to make the team and eventually play. You want to be in a position to contribute to your team whatever level they compete at. Many of the programs are still in their early years and are starving for competent players. Others are well established and are only looking for players who will have immediate impact as freshman. Consider the financial support the program receives, the coach and his or her philosophy in regards to soccer and team conduct. If you are serious about your soccer and plan to keep improving yourself as a player and person, look at the how focused the people you will be playing with are. Is your commitment/focus level equal to those you will surround yourself with?


5. Narrow down your list to anywhere from 5-10 schools that best meet your needs. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you will need a back-up plan or two in case you don’t get admitted to the school of your choice. Education is always the priority!


6. Prepare a short and informative letter of introduction expressing your interest in possibly attending that particular university and your desire to perhaps play soccer there. Ask for information about application procedures, financial aid, and your desire to have the coach in question evaluate your ability. Include personal information, your ODP, Club, High School, and list your coach’s names and phone numbers. Let them know when you will be graduating, if you have information about your cumulative GPA and or SAT scores include that as well. Gather information for the coach about where you will be performing throughout the season, tournaments, times and dates. Mail or email this information to your choices and await any responses. Please be considerate about the time and effort these coaches put in and follow up the response they send you. Feel free to call them by phone once you have established contact. Also don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear from them right away, especially if they are in the middle of their season.


7. Sort out the universities which most interest you and go on your campus visits. Our club officials will be available with advice about your choices.. Communicate with the coach and school of your choice. Please be professional and responsible in your correspondence with these programs, you may open the door for other players from our club in future years. Be proud of your affiliation with the East Valley Futbol Club and be an example for others. Remember we want to take pride in you; communicate and conduct yourself in an honest way.

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